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Kommissar Kazbah with Covid Dispenser Mark 1. Forward or you get sick!!

Comrade Conscripts!!!  Яevolutionary Update! Stay abreast!!

Great news!!!  This past weekend, at our undisclosed location within effective blast radius of Katyusha Rocket salvo of Games & Comics Pair O’ Dice10385 Main St, Fairfax, VA 22030. There was great glory in our fight against the enemies of the Яevolution, as we had the biannual party family picnic.  Here is a photo of some of the kids enjoying themselves in basic concepts of political and tactical aggrandizement. 

We noticed that not all married Conscripts brought their families.  You have been notified and advised to attend. Or else.


Comrade Shatrafniki Andrewski Goldinov had recovered sufficiently from his lack of fervor in the inevitability in Яevolutionary Victory (also known as Box Car Syndrome) over the enemies of the Socialist Яepublik.  He expressed condign chagrin for his shortcomings and thanks for all of the well wishing of the Party.  From a personal note (by permission of COMMISSTERN POLITBURO to inspire confidence and illustrate the possibility of redemption), he added says that he enjoyed his brief respite at the Copa Cobana Sanitorium but enjoys more regaining favor in the eyes of the Party and his comrade Konscripts in fervent efforts to crush the fascist aggressors.   

To celebrate this restoration to Party Favor, and to rebuild his shattered ego due to Box Car Syndrome, he and Conscript Commissar (Junior Grade) Davidus Varuski decided to use military review of squad level tactics using the Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) Commissar indoctrination templateto replay the last tactical simulation BFP-22 SPEED OVER CAUTION. 

This was Comrade Shatrafniki Andrewski Goldinov’s third go at this scenario and, citing his detailed research over rum in the sanitorium over Yanqui Imperialist’s Sherman tactics, he was confident of his victory.  Conscript Commissar (Junior Grade) Davidus Varuski, simulating the Fascist Oppressors, adopted a strategy primarily based on perfidy and luck, which stood him in good favor the last iteration of this tactical political military situation.  

Rehabilitated Comrade Shatrafniki Andrewski Goldinov is clearly ready to inspire confidence in Яevolutionary Victory

Note:  Due to the highly contagious nature of Box Car Syndrome and in the insufficient quantities of masks to prevent the spread of this contagion, the People’s Army Committee on Truth And Яeconciliation (PACT-Я) decreed that this game would be done over VASL.

Opening Political Philosophies and Tactics

With bold aggressiveness due to his recent state in the Havana Sanitorium, Comrade Goldinov opted for a Southern Gambit. He led 6 Shermans (one high velocity) and 11 Squads of Yanqui imperialists. All he had to do was drive past the German positions or take the 5 buildings in the German center in 6 turns. Since he would no longer roll box cars due to his recent reindoctrination therapy, what could possibly go wrong?   His work was masterful again. 

This time, as the defender, Conscript Commissar (Junior Grade) Davidus Varuski decided to adopt a defense in depth, as his family namesake did in the Teutoburg Forest.  He was not really sure what defense in depth meant but he assumed it meant don’t roll high.  

Conscript Commissar (Junior Grade) Davidus Varuski phoning Commissar Garvinski for Political, Tactical, and Sartorial Advice

Conscript Commissar (Junior Grade) Varuski found himself now in command of the captured remnants of the Panzer Lehr (“Instruction”) Division. After some deliberate political indoctrination, he re-re-educated them to reenact how they would stop the Yanqui Imperialist aggressors we expect to confront in the pending summer of 1946 or perhaps as late as 2021 or 2022.  He copied Conscript Goldinov’s use of a skillful blend of hull down positioning for his two Panthers and 8 squads, with Hidden Initial Placement for both of his Panzershreks and their owning Half Squad and Squad.  But unlike his mentor Comrade Goldinov, he put one HIP HS in a hidden position in the upper building needed to be taken by his foe.   (He cited Junior Conscript Davidov Stoffeyski for this perfidious idea).

And so once again, these two strident foes set up to test each other’s political and ideological dedication to the Яevolution.

Round 1

In the opening move, Comrade Goldinov went for the southern Strategy, moved in a Sherman, successfully SMOKED the concealed Panther, and sent his second Sherman to outflank the now blinded Panther.

Unfortunately for Comrade Goldinov, this second Sherman stopped right next to a concealed German HS with a Panzershreck.   Varuski rolled a successful TH and TK and the Sherman was knocked out, with its crew surviving to haunt the Germans later.

Readjusting with full political fervor, He sent his infantry to support the Southern Push and then pushed with Armor down the middle and with a full Armored and Infantry attack in the North.

Round 2

Comrade Shatrafniki Andrewski Goldinov hit hard to the South to use his infantry to root out the hull down Panther.  With plenty of smoke shots, he advanced on the double but ran into heavy small arms fire, with one squad breaking.  In the North, his combined armor-infantry political-military combined arms team made exceptional progress and evaded long distance Panther shots from the east end of the board.  However, unsuspectingly, one of his other armor-infantry political-military combined arms teams in the center stopped right next to a hidden German squad with another Panzershrek, which after Defensive Fire takes out 2nd Sherman, demonstrating Junior Commissar Varuski political savviness in the comprehension of the deceitful side of individualism.   

Note Comrade Shatrafniki Andrewski Goldinov’s excellent use of smoke and bounding fire to suppress counter- Яevolutionary elements.  Masterful work!  But due to the two wrecked Sherman’s,  Junior Commissar Varuski is feeling pretty confident.  CAUTION COMRADES:  PRIDE ALWAYS COMES BEFORE THE PURGE!!!!

Turn 3:

Comrade Andrewski Goldinov continues his pushes in the north and center, driving back the Fascist hordes with his Yanqui imperialist forces.  

Turn 4:  After a brief intermission while Comrade Andrewski Goldinov returned to the Sanitorium for recuperation and to optimized his interpretation of the dialectics of a defeating dual Panther and Panzershrek amalgamated defense in depth in contemplation for our anticipation of pending tactics against the Yankee Imperialists Imperialist interventionists in the anticipated Patriotic Continuation War post victory against the Fascists, he pushed East rolling hit after hit, breaking Fascist positions with pure Яevolutionary vigor!!!  Indeed, things were going exceptionally poorly for the Fascist, with their own case of Boxcar Syndrome, with one of the two Panthers breaking its main armament due to patriotic efforts by our agents in the Fascist manufacturing facilities.   The only setback in this turn was an Excessive Zealousness Speed Breakdown in Hex P7and some infantry losses to the Panther in J10.   There appeared to be no stopping Andrewski’s Яevolution!!!

Yet, in an unlikely fluke, the Junior Commissar Varuski used his political training to fix his MA in his rally phase, bringing back a semblance of a challenge for Comrade Conscript Andrewski 

Turn 5

At the beginning of Turn 5, it is clear that Comrade Andrewski Goldinov is going for the building control metric of all buildings within 5 hexes of N4.  He is in a good position to take them with two turns left.  Note, his exceptionally good use of smoke to blind the Panthers.   Also note, our political agents have completely destroyed the morale of the Fascist troops as none of them seem to be able to rally ever due to Varuski’s inability to roll the dice.

At the end of Turn 5, however, Comrade Andrewski has lost another Sherman and needs to take the building in K4, which he had not taken before and the Panther in D7 had just occupied.  Trouble in the rear!!  But Comrade Goldinov is used to dealing with such problems.

Turn 6 (End Game)

After exceptional advances in Turn 5 and Turn 6, Comrade Andrewski Goldinov is attacking to the West to take out the Panther that snuck into D7.  He was aided by a critical hit from his immobilized Sherman in P7, which took out L6 fascist interloping infantry, nearly shaking Junior Commissar Varuski’s insouciant confidence.  However, his to kill number of an 11 from his Sherman at point blank range versus side armor reveals poor political indoctrination in his Sherman Crew in J3 bypass.

This left Comrade Andreski Goldinov with only one possibility…  only 1 HS passed the PAATCs due to inadequate political indoctrination.  So it was this one HS and two 8-0  and one 9-1 leader who went into CC.  They needed a Яevolutionary “5” to immobilize the Panther, so in effect the needed a victory to the Proletariate “4” to win control of the Hex.  Chances do not look good for Comrade Andrewski…

Dice roll…. For game (says Goldinov)

The Panther is destroyed!! Victory over Boxcar Syndrome for Comrade Andrewski!!!  He has taken control of the last remaining victory hex!!

Improper Political indoctrination will lead to careless errors.   In his exclusively tactical and military focus, Comrade Andrewski failed to take into account the inevitable deception by Kaptitalist and counter-Яevolutionary elements.


At game end, Junior Commissar Varuski reveals that he has studied the duplicitous, deceitful, and perfidious nature of the Kapitalist and Fascist forces, revealing a HIP HS in the upper story of Building Q7. 

Epilogue and Political Moral

Comrade Andreweski has been returned to a Sanitorium for additional political reindoctrination.  Clearly, his vetting of the character of the political opposition and failure to account for all enemies even with a known enemy order of battle bespeak of a need for further political education.  We suspect that the warm weather in Cuba and his absorption of Yanqui imperialism in his brief sojourn leading their puppet forces has lessened his ability to see the true nature of the class and ideological struggle we are dealing with.   Although it is clear that he has recovered from Box Car Syndrome, at least for the present and he employed exceptionally effective battlefield tactics, he has displayed the need for further understanding of the political nature of our Яevolutionary struggle.    

Thus, the People’s Army Committee on Truth And Яeconciliation (PACT-Я) are sending him to Gulag Baltimore to fully understand the dark, hopeless, and furtive nature of Kapitalist societies.   We are confident that he will return with an invigorated faith in the Яevolution and foreknowledge of the deceitful nature of humanity.

Conscript Commissar (Junior Grade) Davidus Varuski, while displaying only adequate military skill and being almost completely devoid of luck, is considered politically reliable by thePeople’s Army Committee on Truth And Яeconciliation (PACT-Я) due to his employment of treacherous tactics in his resounding defeat of the Yanqui imperialist forces. 

Therefore, he is awarded a trip to the Party Dascha in Sochi where he is now extoling his martial and political virtues to the local population.