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Club Meetings

Game Day with a Special Guest

Face to face game days are held the last Saturday of every month. New players, veterans, Starter Kit, Deluxe, and “full” ASL players are welcome.

Starting in May 2021, we are ‘field testing’ a new concept by hosting the “ASL Workshop”. Field test has been successful and is approved for use across the front!

The schedule for Game Days and the Workshop Topic is shown below. Note: the workshop topic is subject to change.

Our meetings are at our favorite venue, Games, Comics Pair o’Dice at 10385 Main St, Fairfax, VA 22030 in Fairfax City, VA starting at 10 AM our new time of 11:00 AM.

Schedule is current as of 14 March 2022

29 May 2021“I’ve got a machine gun!”  Machine Guns as Support Weapons in ASL
Andy Goldin
26 JuneHide & Seek — Concealment Gain, Loss, and Why You Want ItJohn Stadick
31 JulyUp Close and Personal: Close Combat Dos and Don’ts
 Andy Goldin
28 AugustReaching Out: Fundamentals of Guns (Chapter C Overview)
Andy Goldin
25 SeptemberSpecial Topic: Mortars (Support Weapons and Ordnance)John Stadick
30 OctoberImportant: 1030 start time today!
The Combat Arm of Decision: Fundamentals of Armor
Play Aid Handout Historical Background
Andy Goldin
27 NovemberOffboard Artillery: the King of Battle (note new start time of 1100 hrs)
Eric Michael
18 DecemberAirborne All the Way! Airdrops in ASLBill Stoppel
29 January 2022Tanks vs Tanks (To Hit, To Kill, Gyrostabilizers, Gun Duels)
Read Ahead
 Andy Goldin
26 February 2022Special Topic: Tanks vs Infantry (Bounding First Fire, Overruns, sleaze freeze, CC)John Stadick
26 March 2022No workshop this month 
30 April 2022Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: Nighttime Rules in ASL John Stadick
28 May 2022“Backblast area clear!” Light anti-tank weapons and how to use them (PF, PSK, BAZ, PIAT) Handout Play AidAndy Goldin
25 June 2022Fortifications, Part 1: Foxholes, Trenches, and PillboxesJohn Gorkowski
30 July 2022Fortifications, Part 2: Mines, Booby-traps and Wire Handout: Mines
Handout: Wire
Andy Goldin
27 August 2022Sniper! And how to protect yourself from that headshot…Andy Goldin
24 September 2022No Workshop this month
29 October 2022No Workshop this month
26 November 2022PTO Terrain: Welcome to the JungleJohn Stadick
17 December 2022Uuurah! How to do a Human WaveAndy Goldin
28 January 2023“Where is my Air Support?!” Airstrikes in ASLJohn Stadick
Workshop Schedule

Pro tip: while “walk-ins” are welcome, for best results you should email the list in advance to find an opponent.

Send in a contact form, above, for more information!

Conscripts having fun with Deluxe ASL
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