We had a great game day today at Games Comics & a Pair o’ Dice  , which was gracious to host us in downtown Fairfax City, VA. The strength report shows we had 9 conscripts attend, including one new player (Mick, who contacted us through the website) and one “walk on”, who was so captivated by ASL he joined for a game! Mick played the “walk on” under the tutelage of none other than Gary Fortenberry. What a great coach!

Thanks to David Garvin for securing the location and Brian Scully for scheduling.

Yours truly was heads-down fighting to keep the Volksgrenadiers out of St. Vith. Once playtesting is complete, this home-grown scenario in the next Red Banner.

Important tip: the store opens at 10am on Saturdays, hooray!

Here are some pictures of the action:

Conscripts Doug Bush and Jan Spoor hard at work invading Poland in 1939.



New player Brian and Conscript Mick playing another newbie who literally happened to be walking by and wanted to play! Yes that is a baby in the stroller, who seemed to indulge Dad in some ASL.


Grognards Bill Stoppel and David Garvin playing — what else — a Germany vs Canada game of DASL!