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All Conscripts are encouraged to read and understand the Commissar’s latest guidance. Those of you who can recite the list of current enemies of the state will receive a complimentary orange!  (The Commissar knows some you may have dental problems…)


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Do you have a war story from your last game?  Do you have some interesting rules observations, witticisms, or — even better– a scenario you’d like to share? Can you write in complete sentences? (Mostly… ?) If so, then you too may achieve the glory of having your article published in the critically reviewed, internationally read, Red Banner. Send in your information and article idea through the contact form and our editor will make you famous!

“‘Scripts” Magazine

Recently re-discovered in the bowels of the internet, to which they had been banished during the last Purge, these gems of ASL goodness languished. Now that the Troika has been rehabilitated by the Central Committee, their good works are good again. New Conscripts can learn from their predecessors while enjoying the charm and wit of Major Tom and the Troika.  Enjoy!







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