Stalingrad After its Liberation. Photo credit: By RIA Novosti archive


Conscripts, Comrades, Friends, and Followers. The Central Committee wishes you a pleasant new year, and remember — happiness for All is only one five-year-plan away!

In the meantime, you should know the following:

  1. In a very exciting development, the Editor reports your Red Banner is approaching readiness for publication.  Naturally you will find it posted here!
  2. MMP’s Winter Offensive starts Thursday, 16 January and will be held at the same location as previous years in Bowie, MD. This is one of the biggest ASL events there is and well worth your time. See the MMP’s Event Page for details.
  3. Human Wave 2020. The Planning Committee has settled on a proposed list of scenarios featuring our comrades in arms against the Fascists, the British Commonwealth forces. Scouts report scenarios depicting Commonwealth forces in action may be released in the new Winter Offensive Bonus Pack. If so, the Planning Committee will look to include those scenarios as well.
  4. We will likely have another Game Day at the end of January for those who can’t get enough ASL, which should be everyone! Stay tuned for more updates.