DC Conscripts Comrades!!! We had two matches today at our undisclosed location within effective blast radius of Katyusha Rocket salvo of Games & Comics Pair O’ Dice10385 Main St, Fairfax, VA 22030. There was great glory in our fight against the enemies of the Revolution!

Senior Commissar Kasbah Urges you to roll low! And tests his new COVID dispenser.
Comrade Andrewski Goldinov optimizes his interpretation of the dialectics of a dual Panther and Panzershrek amalgamated defense in depth in contemplation for our pending tactics against the Yankee Imperialists Imperialist interventionists in the anticipated Patriotic Continuation War post victory against the Facists.

Comrade Conscript Andrewski Goldinov was in command of the captured remnants of the Elite Nazi Panzer Lehr (“Instruction”) Division and had these penitent Shatrafniki and reeducated them to reenact how they would stop the Yanqui Imperialist and counterrevolutionary forces we expect to confront in the pending summer of 1946 or perhaps as late as 2021. Conscript Andrewski used a skillful blend of hull down positioning for his two Panthers and 8 squads, with Hidden Initial Placement for both of his Panzershreks and their owning Half Squads and a full squad with Panzerfausts and a MG34. His work was masterful.

Opposing Comrade Conscript Andrewski was Shatrafnik Junior Conscript Davidus Q. Varuski who was confident that his tactics at Teutoburg Forest or his family’s success at Cannae against Hannibal would hold better results this time round. He led 6 Shermans (one high velocity) and 11 Squads of Yanqui imperialists. All he had to do was drive past the German positions or take the 5 buildings in the German center. What could possibly go wrong? And so these two strident foes set up to test each others mettle.

With oblivious insouciance Conscript Davidus Varuski drove his first Sherman Mark 4 with 3 inch gun down a lane and espied some of Conscript Andrewskis Troops in a concealed position. But Varuski was oblivious to a hidden Panzershrek two hexes away!

The hidden HS launched a missle at his exposed flank…. and Unfortunately for Andrewski, it landed in the bocage. Moreover, this turned out to be the last missle the halfsquad had and the Panzershrek was gone.

Comrade Varuski then quipped that this was part of his plan. Revolutionary chortle. His Sherman followed with a burst of coax MG and sent the HS running.

Relying on his luck and gyrostabilizer and 8-1 Armor leader, Conscript Davidus Varuski then let loose with his main armament in an effort to rend the fascist puppets of Andrewski to bits.

Turning to a concealed position to his left, after careful aiming, Comrade Varuski let loose a high explosive shell at this key Defensive Position.

But alas, he lived up to his familial reputation and broke the main gun on his Armor Leader tank Sherman, who was soon recalled, being heard to say “Good luck, boys, I have to check on my investments just now.”

With surging optimism, Comrade Andrewski ordered his tank commander to optimize his chance for hits by using his binoculars to support his fire direction of his Panther at another Sherman which waddled up behind a stone wall. His first shot sunk into the top of the decadent French wall ornaments but he had no concerns as he had at least one other shot and a lot of frontal armor before the Sherman could fire back at him in his hull down position. Second shot also sunk into the wall, debusting a Rubenesque beauty in marble. At this point, the mildly annoyed Comrade Conscript Andrewski intensive fired with a -2 from Acquisition for a third round into the wall, this time completing the stone masectomy.

At this point, the feeble Sherman (whose main gun had very little chance of penetrating his Panther’s frontal armor (a critical hit would be required) used its pop gun to lob a High Explosive shell down four orchard hinderances onto the turret of the Panther, causing the Tank commander to take a morale check. But no worries… these are elite Panzer Lehr troops…

Unfortunately, at this point Comrade Conscript Andrewski discovered evidence of counterrevolutionary sentiments in his tank crews as the Tank Commander was unjustly complaining of a shell fragment to his jugular vein.

Leading to this result and the recall of one of his two panthers…

Poor Political Indoctrination can lead to Counterrevolution

With this modest setback in mind, Comrade Andrewski steeled his resolve, knowing that he had two traps set for the American imperialist. In Hex L10 above, he had a hidden HS with a panzershrek waiting to ambush the 5 Shermans that were now ready to advance where in the gap left by the other now recalled Panther. And a full hidden squad laden with Panzerfausts to the south.

But alas, a hapless Yanqui imperialist halfsquad blindly advanced into Hex L10 and defeated the Panzerhrek HS in Close combat. So much for HIP ambush rolls…

Good morning Fritz!!! Comrade Andewski Discovers more evidence of Counterrevolutionary sentiment, this time in Hex L10

Still… though down one Panther and both Panzershreks and still facing 5 Shermans, Comrade Andrewski steeled his revolutionary zeal to continue the fight. In the South two over eager GI Squads and a Sherman were one and two hexes away from a now revealed First line squad with a LMG. BRRPPPPP he let lose with 14 FP (IIFT!!!) on the 20 stumbling GIs only to roll a no effect (11). He then pinned himself with his quest for a Panzerfaust. The GIs returned fire to good effect and the Germans went running, but to no avail as the tanks and GIs cut them off, refusing surrender.

Comrade Andrewski then took two shots at the Sherman in L7 needing an “8” to his (it was in motion after double overrunning one of his remaining squads). Due to improper reeducation techniques, Conscript Andewski rolled a 9. But, never at a loss to achieve revolutionary victory, he fired at the same Sherman with his squad in L5 and achieved a remarkable hit with a “4” or exactly what he needed! First Tank Destruction of game was a certainty!!! Probable Flames!!

His to kill roll was about a 20 so he cheerfully rolled his two kill DR

Comrade Andrewski discovers disloyalty in manufacturing facility.

However, Comrade Andrewski espied new and continued evidence of treachery. 12. Dud. This Die Roll also served for Comrade Conscript Andrewski as a personal Morale check . He resigned in good humor.

So despite out best efforts, not one of the 8 tanks was destroyed with only one hit by any tank weapon. And that HE.

Conscript Davidus Varuski… in an official statement said “I attribute my sublime victory to excellent loyal political and military… and revolutionary… preparation. Luck had nothing to do with it” And I zealously accept my new hat and shoulder boards and uniform as junior Commissar.”

Below are some other photos of the day…

Senior Shatrafniki Conscripts Chris and John rehearse for the next assualt on the Red Barricades
Comrade Andrewski indulges in his fourth ration of revolutionary libations while shatrafnik Conscript Davidus Q. Varuski displays condign revolutionary zeal.

Forward to Revolutionary Victory!!! All Members who do not attend our next meeting will be subject to proscription in addition to conscription. You have a chance for re-education!!