We have two important updates:

  1. On behalf of the HUMAN WAVE planning committee, I am pleased to report that we have settled on a venue for the event! It’s the Marriott Courtyard Tysons McLean, where we will be using the very exclusive private dining area… which is conveniently located next to the bar. Therefore, those Conscripts feeling the need to drown their sorrows at rolling boxcars continuously may find solace, or at least a moment of clarity, before staggering back to lead their cardboard warriors to their fate. As an added bonus, we have obtained a reasonable room rate so you can ASL until you drop! Details and sign-up information at the HUMAN WAVE site.
  2. After much re-tooling, the Propaganda Committee can now offer a new version of the club’s world-renown ASL fanzine, The Red Banner ! Our new editor, Jeff W., has put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into update the ‘look and feel’ of the Red Banner and achieved some great results! We have content from the usual cast of characters along with bonus articles from our own “The Bishop” along with several others. And, in keeping with our club theme, we have a new scenario featuring eastern front action in Operation Uranus. Will the Romanians hold the line? Get your copy here!