Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s HUMAN WAVE at Tysons Corner, Virginia. And a special thanks to everyone who worked behind the scenes to make this year’s event a great success! The ‘dream team’ included:

  • Dave W., Treasurer
  • John S., Tournament Director
  • Stephen F., Marketing & Recruiting
  • Bob S., “Utility Infielder”
  • Andy G., Planner & Organizer

For those of you who missed it, you can see results and pictures of the action at the Human Wave site.

While the financial results are still being tabulated, it looks like we more than broke even on the cost of the event and will have a small amount of seed money for the deposit for next year.

Speaking of which… mark your calendars for next year’s tournament on 7-9 July 2023!

And of course, we have a Game Day coming upon Saturday, 30 July at Games & Comics. Workshop topic: Mines, Boobytraps, and Wire. See you there!