In response to your many requests, the Central Committee is excited to announce the following improvements:

  • NEW Time. We are now starting at 0800. This allows for more game time. Those who start earlier can finish earlier. Or if you prefer to show up later, you are welcome to do so.
  • NEW Location. Since Games & Comics can’t accommodate us, we are now meeting at the American Legion Post #177 at 3939 Oak St., Fairfax VA 22030 in the “Flag Room”. This room has plenty of table space and natural light. The Legion offers inexpensive and filling breakfast and lunch, and friendly people as well. It’s a real improvement over the deli place next to the game store.

The official Conscripts Game Day is still the last Saturday of each month. For best results, email the list to find an opponent and set up your game.

See you at the next game day, Saturday April 29 at the American Legion Post!