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Tournaments: Human Wave 2021


Thanks to you and everyone who attended and made this year’s Human Wave a success! As we said to each other on the first day of the tournament, even putting on the tournament in-person was a ‘win’. Altogether we had 13 people attend, including five starter kit players. This is a great start at a ‘rebuilding year’ after COVID.  

There were many hands who helped make this a success. These include:

John G — for the offering up his backyard in the secret, undisclosed location in Northern Virginia and setting up the logistics; 
Dave W — for organizing and running the Starter Kit play
John S — our very knowledgeable Tournament Director 
Mick B — for a very generous donation of two rare HASLs: Streets of Fire and Hedgerow Hell
David G — for running the website and collecting the tournament fee
Scott B — for devoting the time to create the very nice looking prize plaques
… and the many others who offered their time to select, analyze and review scenarios for the scenario list. 
Based on our attendance from this year, we anticipate that next year we can gather enough players to easily rent a large indoor space (and not have to worry about evening thunderstorms or wind, ha) and make it even better. Stay tuned for Human Wave 2022! 




Conscripts, Friends, and Fellow Travelers:


In-Person Tournament: 

  1. Who’s invited: YOU!
  2. What: The DC Conscript’s annual Human Wave Tournament
  3. Where: In Comrade John G’s backyard (Vienna Virginia, near Dunn Loring metro)
  4. When: The date for our in-person Human Wave 2021 will be July 9-11, 2020.
    Timeline of play:
    Friday, official gaming runs from 1700 through 2100
    Saturday, official gaming runs from 0900 through 1700
    Sunday, official gaming runs from 0900 through 1700
  5. Why: For Honor, Glory, and love of the Game!

Details of the in-person Tournament: 

  • Attendance is limited to 16 players each day.
  • Format: We will offer a main, 5 game tournament Fri-Sun, mini tournaments Sat & Sun and Starter Kit play (depending on attendance).
  • Theme: This year’s theme is “Axis & Allies”, or “Green for Good or Bad”. We are going back to the East Front, where scenarios will focus on Russia vs Axis Minor allies (Finns, Hungarians, Romanians, Italians) and Russian ‘partner nations’ (Allied Minors and proxies). Scenario list is has been posted to the HUMAN WAVE website.
  • Tournament Director: John Stadick will be our Tournament Director. John has been playing ASL for decades and is the veteran of many tournaments. 
  • Cost: Cost is projected to be around $30/person, mainly to pay for the tent rentals and awards. (We are working to see if we can lower our costs, and thereby the price, stay tuned).

Virtual Tournament:

  • Cancelled. Show up in person this weekend!!!

Register NOW for either at the Human Wave website  .

Send out the word! Slava!!!

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