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Tournaments: Human Wave 2021

Conscripts, Friends, and Fellow Travelers:

I am pleased to report the Central Committee has resolved that we are running TWO versions of the HUMAN WAVE: in-person and virtual using VASL. 

In-Person Tournament: 

  1. Who’s invited: YOU!
  2. What: The DC Conscript’s annual Human Wave Tournament
  3. Where: In Comrade John G’s backyard (Vienna Virginia, near Dunn Loring metro)
  4. When: The date for our in-person Human Wave 2021 will be July 9-11, 2020.
  5. Why: For Honor, Glory, and love of the Game!

Details of the in-person Tournament: 

  • Attendance is limited to 16 players each day.
  • Format: We will offer a main, 5 game tournament Fri-Sun, mini tournaments Sat & Sun and Starter Kit play (depending on attendance).
  • Theme: This year’s theme is “Axis & Allies”, or “Green for Good or Bad”. We are going back to the East Front, where scenarios will focus on Russia vs Axis Minor allies (Finns, Hungarians, Romanians, Italians) and Russian ‘partner nations’ (Allied Minors and proxies). Scenario list is has been posted to the HUMAN WAVE website.
  • Tournament Director: David Garvin will be our Tournament Director (assuming he’s allowed to visit the United States in-person at that time). We have additional TDs identified in the event he can’t travel due to COVID restrictions.
  • Cost: Cost is projected to be around $30/person, mainly to pay for the tent rentals and awards. (We are working to see if we can lower our costs, and thereby the price, stay tuned).

Virtual Tournament:

  • Virtual tournament will start 1-2 weeks ahead of the in-person tournament due to the additional time required for VASL play. Tournament will conclude by 11 July 2021. 
  • Virtual tournament will use the same scenarios as the in-person tournament.
  • Virtual tournament will have a dedicated Tournament Director.
  • Format of play will be comprised of a main tournament and a Starter Kit tournament.
  • Virtual tournament will use the same Rules as last year’s successful event.  

Register NOW for either at the Human Wave website  .

Send out the word! Slava!!!

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