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Tournaments: Human Wave 2022


The DC Conscripts will once again host the “Human Wave” Advanced Squad Leader tournament in the Tysons Corner, Virginia area from 8-10 July 2022 to further the hobby and to have fun. The Human Wave Tournament will be an in-person event (only) and will not have a virtual (VASL) component.

The tournament will offer challenging, balanced and fun scenarios suitable for all levels of play. Gamers will demonstrate good sportsmanship and a spirit of friendly and competitive play throughout the tournament.  The event will include a Starter Kit (SK) mini-tournament to expand the hobby and provide challenging and fun play for players of all skill levels. This year we are expecting 20-30 players.

Theme: “Italy at War”

To take advantage of the imminent re-release of “Hollow Legions”, the theme for this year’s tournament is “Italy at War”.  Scenarios will be comprised of fighting by Italians around the Mediterranean and in Italy proper, and will include fighting by the other major participants (Germany, Great Britain/Commonwealth, and the United States) both before and after the Italian surrender in September 1943.


The tournament will be comprised of a main tournament of at least four rounds (or five, depending on attendance) played over the course of three days (Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday). A three game “mini” tournament will be held Saturday or Sunday, interest permitting.  The main tournament will be conducted “Swiss style”, with the Tournament Director (TD ) making a ‘best effort’ to match equivalently skilled players in the first round. 

Starter Kit

A Starter Kit tournament will also be conducted, with number of rounds played depending on attendance. Due to the paucity of tournament-style SK scenarios, the SK scenario list will include scenarios using a variety of combatants and will not necessarily follow the theme of the tournament.

DC Conscripts

Finally, the tournament will be planned and conducted  by volunteers of the DC Conscripts, the Advanced Squad Leader Gaming Club of the greater Washington DC area, who offer their time, effort, and last full measure of devotion for the glory of The Game, The Tournament, and the DC Conscripts. Uuurrraaaa!

For more information and to sign up, see the Human Wave site.

COVID-19 statement: the Human Wave will comply with applicable Fairfax County, Virginia health regulations.

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