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Tournaments: Human Wave 2020 Updated!

Conscripts, Friends, and Fellow Travelers:

Update! Due to continuing concerns about the pandemic and the continued “lockdown” in the Washington DC area, the Committee has decided to move the Human Wave tournament to VASL.

The format will be four games, played one game per day, starting Thursday, June 25th and finishing on Sunday, June 28, 2020.  Currently we are accepting registrations for up to ONLY SIXTEEN players on a first come, first served basis. Prizes and the Human Wave swag you want so dearly will be available.

The original goals of the tournament remain unchanged:

“The tournament will offer challenging, balanced and fun scenarios suitable for all levels of play. Gamers will demonstrate good sportsmanship and a spirit of friendly and competitive play throughout the tournament.  For 2020, the theme is “Tom and Jerry”, i.e. Commonwealth vs Germany.  While the majority of the scenarios in the list will be Commonwealth forces (that is, Britain, Canada, ANZAC, and Free French) versus Germany, a scenario will be offered in each round which has another Allied force (either US or Russia, not both).  This will expand the list of potential scenarios while still minimizing the amount of kit required.”

The Starter Kit rounds will be comprised of scenarios from a variety of armies, due to the smaller number of tournament-sized Starter Kit scenarios available. 

Of course, the Human Wave website has more details, come take a look!

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