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Tournaments: Human Wave

Calling all Conscripts!

You WILL report for duty and attend the club’s annual tournament, held this year at Tyson’s Corner, VA in a very exclusive, non-proletariat, and — dare I say — bourgeois venue.  The choice of location is appropriate, since duty is on the Western Front.  Don’t get too soft, as you’ll return to Siberia for re-training soon afterwards. See below for details.

  • Human Wave tournament 7-9 June 2019, Sheraton Tyson’s Corner.
  • Theme is US vs Germany. Scenarios have been selected and posted to the official site… which also show’s who’s coming. Luminaries include several players well known to the ASL community.
  • New for this year — Conscripts swag! Thanks to the efforts of our artist-in-residence, Scott Bricker, we have a super-cool design for our “rocks” glasses. The glasses are perfectly sized for rolling dice … and later slamming down that vodka as you try to clear your conscience of the guilt you feel about having sacrificed cardboard warriors in the futile hopes of earning a victory.
  • Glasses are in. Come see! As you look closely, you’ll find that you really want one. When that happens, there’s only one thing you can do
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