Conscripts and Fellow Travelers,

Thank you for your patience as we’ve put together the final plan for the Human Wave 2020. Due to concerns about the pandemic, this year it is a virtual event played on VASL. Although we will miss the face-to-face interaction, there’s multi-levels of goodness to the virtual format, specifically:

  1. The opportunity to play against ASL Aficionados from around the world, from the comfort of your own bunker!
  2.  Play in our very popular “themed tournament” with a great scenario list — Commonwealth vs Axis!
  3. “Give the workers what they want, I say”. Many of you have advocated for a continuation of the four game format. We have incorporated “lessons learned” from other virtual tournaments and have adapted accordingly. The main tournament will now run one game per day, Wednesday through Saturday. This gives you and your opponent a full 24 hours to figure out when to play and complete the game, and is a great way to work-around any possible time zone issues.
  4. Starter Kit! Expanding the goodness of ASL is among the most important things we can do and we are happy to continue to offer ASLSK play again this year. We are going to offer both a technical check to make sure you can get VASL working on your system as well as tips and free advice for beginners, so you can feel confident about playing and having fun.
  5. There’s more to say, best to take a look at the tournament website to learn more!