The Central Committee has two very exciting and important updates:

  1. GAME DAY. After a long COVID-induced hiatus, the famous (or infamous?) Conscripts Game Day is ON for 1000 hrs on Saturday, 31 October 2020 at our usual haunt — Games, Comics & Pair o’ Dice in Fairfax City, VA. I’ve talked with the owner, who has said there’s plenty of open tables for ‘social distancing’, and mask use is required.
  2. NORTH AMERICAN VASL CHALLENGE. At the urging of Conscripts Dale and David, we are fighting for the dominance of North America against the Canadian “D-Day Dodgers of southern New Brunswick” in a “sudden death” tournament on VASL. Six heroes from each club have been selected to represent their nations. The winners of each game will be tallied for a national total. To the victor, go the spoils! Results are due in by 14 November. Winners will be posted here, so check back often…