On the move!

Starting in May 2021, we are trying out a new concept: ASL Workshops.

DC Conscripts hosts “ASL Workshops” for beginner to intermediate level players looking to “up their game” and improve their knowledge of ASL rules, tactics, and techniques.  If you’re new to the game, tired of losing, or simply want to check your knowledge of the fundamentals, you can get instruction and advice at our in-person game days. The Conscripts is fortunate to have many long time ASL players including some of the greatest names in the hobby. Several of these Conscripts have accumulated winning records at tournaments over the years, playtest with MMP, and are even represented as counters in ASL. This is your chance to learn from the best!

Format: Each session is comprised of about 20 minutes of instruction followed by 20-30 minutes of a practical exercise. Stick around to play a scenario specially selected for you to apply what you’ve learned!

When: Conscript Game Days, the last Saturday of each month.

See the Game Days page for the complete schedule.