Friends, Comrades, and Conscripts —

Those of you who are unable to enjoy the pleasure of your dacha this weekend are *ahem* “invited” to our next game day this Saturday 28 August at Games & Comics , 10385 Main St, Fairfax, VA 22030 at 1000 hours. 

In a change to the schedule, our leader for the workshop on Offboard Artillery (OBA) has been called back to the Red Army Artillery school for an unspecified “exam” this weekend, which “may” involve testing the primers on 82mm mortar rounds, because you don’t really need all ten fingers after all. Therefore, to accommodate the needs of the Army, we are swapping this month’s class on OBA with a workshop on Guns (Chapter C) led by your humble messenger. Said simply (for clearer transmission over the radio): this weekend’s workshop will be on Guns. OBA will be next month. 

Topics covered this month will include, but are not limited to: Types of Guns, setup, concealment, Hidden Initial Placement; crews; and the part about firing — target types, effects on target, and what you can do about it. 

As always, please email the list to set up your game!

Get on your Gun!