Read the Truth!


The Politburo has made a number of moves ‘behind the scenes’ to keep the club’s momentum going. Please allow me to share with you the following updates:

1. The Red Banner. We have some new blood on board to assist Conscript John G with our internationally-known fanzine. The able Jeff W has come forward and will assist with the formatting, production and content development. The idea is we will have regular sections for a more consistent appearance. More details will be forthcoming from Jeff W in the near future. 

2. Game Days. Conscript David W has offered to manage the planning and logistics for our Game Days. He will do the scheduling and coordination with the venue, while I continue with the highly successful workshops. As a reminder, our next Game Day is Saturday, September 25 at our usual venue, Games, Comics & Pair o’Dice in Fairfax with a start time at 1000 hrs (assuming we can get in the store at that time 🙂 ) . Our very own highly esteemed John Stadick will provide detailed instruction on a special topic — Mortars: “love ’em, hate ’em, gotta have ’em!” or, “Mortars and how to make your opponent fear your rate tear”. 

3. Requests for Help:

a) We want to publish some more scenarios in the Red Banner but need help playtesting them. If you would like to help organize the playtesting crew or can help us playtest some really cool scenarios, please contact Jeff W. 

b) If you have experience or interest in the Avalon Hill Kampfgruppe Peiper campaign game and would like to be part of an interesting writing project, please contact me directly

Slava! Probieda!