Conscripts, Friends, and Fellow Travelers, Now Hear This!

We have some important announcements to share:

  1. The latest edition of the Red Banner is now available! Articles include the “Rules Lawyer” highlighting important rules about Routing, a review of our very successful tournament, a discussion of Prep Fire, a historical perspective on the development of cavalry and armor, and its use in WW2 and the game, and more the well-loved CG, KG Peiper. Be sure to check it out on our Red Banner page.
  2. Related topic — we are looking for a new editor for our fanzine, the Red Banner. If you have the interest, we can show you how we make the magic happen! If you’d like to learn more, please reach out through our Contact page.
  3. Remember, our next Game Day is coming up at Games and Comics on Saturday, 25 February at 1100, sharp. See you there!